December 12, 2022 2 min read


    Social media is at the center of many of our lives. It provides us with news, inspiration, and connectivity. However, with in-person connections declining, screen time is on the rise. Without a healthy relationship to social media, individuals may be left feeling dissatisfied and overwhelmed. This is a signal to tend one’s own mental wellness. Here are five helpful ways to remove social media toxicity from your life. 

    Purchase an Actual Alarm Clock


    When was the last time you pressed the snooze button and it was an actual button attached to a clock? By detaching your morning routine from your scrolling habits, you’re likely to add more zen to your life. Reserve the A.M. for personal reflection and mental preparation for the day ahead. Mornings are sacred.  

    Assess What Apps are Zapping Your Time


    An imperative step to resolving any problem is to identify the source of the issue. With that in mind, utilize your phone’s tools such as Screen Time to see where your time and energy is being drained the most. Then ferociously set out to reduce the usage of those apps in particular.     

    Restrict App Usage


    Dive back into those phone settings and uncover where you can limit your application usage time. There are even third party services that allow you to enable a freeze on select apps for indicated durations of time. This will give you a much needed break to refocus on what’s truly important in this present point in time.   

    Use Your Lock Screen as a Reminder


    Place an inspirational image that will encourage you to reflect on why you are reaching for your device. Is checking your phone right now critical? Are you picking it up for positive reasons? This practice will help you to become more in tune with your habits.     

    Find An Accountability Partner to Join You


    If making the change toward a full social media detox is a challenge, enlist a partner to join you. Setup a plan of attack and commence along the journey together. Check in regularly and lean on each other when times get hard.   

    Sometimes we must disconnect to reconnect. Allow these social media detox tips to drive you to establish a more positive connection with social networking applications. With the appropriate purpose and intention behind your usage, your mental wellness will be on the rise. 

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