This Set Includes:

    (1) Hair & Scalp Serum

    (1) Lip Balm

    Product Descriptions:

    Hair & Scalp Serum

    Nourish your hair follicles and skin, from head to toe, with this nutrient rich and delicate oil

    USE: For hair place a few drops into hands and then onto damp or dry hair; for tighter and smaller curled hair, use a couple extra drops • For scalp place a couple of drops in hands, rub hands together and then gently massage on head • For beard or mustache, depending on length or thickness, place one to a few drops on fingertips and kindly massage onto beard or mustache using fingertips to comb through • Also great to as a face wash, add a drop or two to your face cleansing or moisturizing routine •

    DOSAGE: 400 mg hemp CBD

    Net. Wt.: 2 fl. oz

    Lip Balm

    Treat, soothe and soften dry lips with this nutrient rich balm and more.

    USE: Gently stroke onto upper and lower lip and then rub lips together once clockwise nd once counterclockwise • Dap on baby hair and edges and ends then use fingertips for placement and setting • Excellent treatment for cuticle care •

    DOSAGE: 25 mg hemp CBD | Broad Spectrum

    Net. Wt.: .15 oz


    Disclaimer:  MRNG products are all-natural and may vary in color and texture. We advise you to keep all MRNG products stored in a cool and dry environment to prevent cosmetic changes. We do not guarantee the exact match between images/contents and real products.